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Why Castle Hall ?


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  • 15th year of operations
  • One of the largest due diligence teams worldwide: team of 80
  • Award winning DiligenceHub online app
  • Patent pending due diligence process
  • Full Integration of Exiger DDIQ and background checks
  • Media monitoring incorporating Dow Jones Factiva

More Independence

  • Research only – Castle Hall doesn’t manage assets, provide investment advice or take investment decisions
  • Castle Hall enables a clear segregation of duties between the governance, risk and compliance due diligence workflow and the advocacy role of an investment advisor / consultant

More Coverage

  • Completed due diligence on significantly more than 5,000 funds
  • DiligenceExpress, our free database of Form ADV information, tracks more than 20,000 asset managers and 70,000 funds
  • Diligence any manager and any fund – no limitation to a consultant's pre-existing coverage list

More Flexibility

  • Conduct diligence across all asset classes, including hedge funds, PE and long only
  • Review funds of one, managed accounts and other investor specific structures
  • Engage with Castle Hall on a fund by fund basis with no retainer – or diligence a full portfolio
  • Adopt a flexible, risk based approach to initial and ongoing due diligence
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EXIGER is a leading GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) firm, founded by Mike Cherkasky and Michael Beber, previously CEO and EVP, respectively, of Kroll. Castle Hall’s partnership with Exiger provides our clients with robust, detailed background checks in a cost-effective platform.



OpsMonitor media searches are powered by the Dow Jones Factiva global news database of nearly 33,000 premium sources. With Factiva, all media coverage is fully licensed, copyrighted, and permanently archived.



Reportlab, based in London, provides Castle Hall with industry leading “print PDF” functionality, supporting the seamless delivery of diligence information in dynamically created, print formats. Reportlab’s clients include Wikipedia, Hilton Hotels, Fidelity Funds, and the Royal Mail, the British postal service.