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Castle Hall's Cyber Solution

Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems. Nowhere is this more visible than in financial markets.

Castle Hall's standard OpsDiligence review includes a range of cyber questions - in every ODD engagement, Castle Hall asks whether there is a cybersecurity policy, if the asset manager conducts penetration and phishing tests, what are cyber training procedures and, of course, whether the asset manager has been compromised by a cyber event.
CybsersecurityDiligence goes into much greater depth, considering more than 150 cyber questions Our cyber risk evaluation tool, available below, outlines Castle Hall's scope and evaluation criteria when conducting a cyber diligence review, considering 10 key cyber areas.
As always, Castle Hall's independence enables asset owners to access effective and objective evaluation of cyber risks. Unlike technology vendors, Castle Hall is never in the position of conducting diligence on an external manager who is already a tech client, and the diligence process is never motivated by a desire to sell an external manager follow on tech services.
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A practical solution empowering asset owners to oversee external manager cybersecurity risks.

Download the Cyber Risk Management Evaluation Tool.


Asset owners and gatekeepers require consistent, evidenced and auditable due diligence information. Castle Hall's clients use cyber diligence across various workflows: 

  • Detailed CybersecurityDiligence of individual managers
  • Complete CybersecurityDiligence on an entire portfolio to generate portfolio wide analytics and risk metrics
  • Ongoing CybersecurityDiligence monitoring

Each CybersecurityDiligence review includes:

  • Initial external manager cybersecurity environment assessment across more than 150 cyber questions
  • Preparation of a Cyber diligence report including our overall CybersecurityDiligence assessment
  • Quarterly updates to manager data, including monitoring flags across 10 cybersecurity data categories

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