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Cybersecurity Due Diligence -
Lessons from 2020

COVID-19 was, naturally, the overarching cybersecurity story of 2020. The pandemic forced a massive shift as organizations around the world pivoted to remote workforces, a move which introduced numerous information security challenges. And, of course, the year ended with SolarWinds - arguably the most serious cyber hack / intrusion in history. What are the key lessons of 2020 for investors and asset managers as they consider cybersecurity due diligence?

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Evaluating an Asset Manager’s Cybersecurity Environment – A guide for the Operational Due Diligence practitioner.

Cybersecurity has become a top operational due diligence priority. This white paper, supported by a webinar, provides practical guidance to help investors evaluate an investment manager’s cybersecurity environment. What are the questions to ask, and how should an investor rate a manager’s responses?

This paper seeks to bridge the gap between what can quickly become extremely technical subject matter, and more practical guidance as to how to approach cybersecurity during a real world operational diligence review.

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