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About Castle Hall Diligence

Castle Hall is the investment industry's largest dedicated due diligence provider, now in our 15th year of operations.

Castle Hall works with more than 100 clients to conduct institutional quality due diligence across all asset classes.

2019 About Us

The Story

15 years of success and still counting...


Formation - 2007

Castle Hall begins serving its client base in January 2007. From the outset, Castle Hall elects to work only with investors, not asset managers, making the firm completely buy side funded. Castle Hall always offers clients robust segregation of duties, separating the governance, risk and compliance due diligence function from the advocacy role of investment decision making. Castle Hall has never managed assets, built portfolios, or sourced and recommended funds.


Our First Fraud - 2007

Conducting due diligence on Lakeshore, Castle Hall finds that the fund's administrator was relying on a daily email of trade data being sent to them by "trades@primebrokers.co.uk". The domain had been set up by the hedge fund's CFO. Investors lost more than $300 million - but thankfully not Castle Hall's client.


Hedge Fund Investing in a New World - 2008

In November 2008, Castle Hall publishes a white paper asking whether 2 and 20 is flawed, whether funds need better corporate governance, and questioning why fund offering documents protect the manager more than the investor. 10 years later.....


From Manhattan to Madoff - 2009

Castle Hall publishes a white paper analyzing the causes and lessons of hedge fund operational failure, considering more than 300 operational events in the hedge fund industry.


Due Diligence in Australia - 2011

Castle Hall begins operations in Australia to serve the Superannuation industry. Australia's regulatory environment, led by APRA, subsequently makes operational due diligence a requirement for Super funds.


OpsDiligence Online - 2014

Castle Hall launches the first version of OpsDiligence, the firm's online due diligence platform. The platform is based upon OpsData, which replaces inconsistent, manager generated DDQ formats with a standardized ODD reference manual for every fund in an investor's portfolio.


Partnership with SwissAnalytics - 2014

Castle Hall and SwissAnalytics, based in Zurich, enter into a strategic partnership, which results in a full merger of activities in 2017. SwissAnalytics provides coverage for Castle Hall's European clients and also contributes the firm's risk due diligence methodology, which evolves to become RiskDiligence.


Best Global Due Diligence Firm - 2014

Castle Hall Diligence is proud to announce that the firm has been named the “Best Global Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence Firm” in the 2014 Alternative investment Awards. Castle Hall subsequently wins the same award, now for five successive years.


International Financial Center Accreditation - 2015

Castle Hall receives the status of IFC (accredited Montreal International Financial Center). The IFC program, overseen by Finance Montréal, supports the development of international financial services companies in Montréal, Canada.


Castle Hall Diligence launches Due Diligence University™, a growing ecosystem of educational resources including webinars and white papers.


Partnership with Exiger - 2017

Exiger and Castle Hall Diligence announce a business partnership to deliver next generation due diligence services to investors worldwide, leveraging the fintech expertise of both companies.



Abu Dhabi (ADGM) - 2017

Castle Hall opens an office within Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the international financial centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With this expansion, Castle Hall further broadens its global presence.


Comprehensive rebranding - 2017

Castle Hall announces a comprehensive rebranding, marking the next stage of the company’s expansion. As “Castle Hall: The Due Diligence Company”, the firm’s updated identity highlights that due diligence is no longer limited solely to alternative investments. Due diligence is part of the governance, risk and compliance framework adopted by investment boards and trustees applicable to all external managers across all asset classes.

Image DilHub

DiligenceHub - 2019

Castle Hall launched the next generation of its online diligence app. DiligenceHub introduces a new user interface and, behind the scenes, new technologies which allow for an impressive increase in app performance.

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CybersecurityDiligence - 2019

Castle Hall launches CybersecurityDiligence, a suite of services to deploy a comprehensive operational due diligence framework to assess the cybersecurity preparedness of each asset manager.

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