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Industry News: ESG5

Know Your Breach: Virtu Financial

RedCurl Cybercrime Group Has Hacked Companies for Three Years

Defense Establishment Thwarts Cyberattack Targeting Israeli Companies

Trading Firm Virtu Sues Insurer Over $6.9m Scam Loss

Amadeus Capital Plans to Raise $400 Million for Three New Funds

Top Cyber Security Experts Report: 4,000 Cyber Attacks a Day Since COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Help Spoil the Cybercrime Economy

Network Security Is Not Data Security

Know Your Breach: Avon

Capital One to Pay $80 Million Fine After Data Breach

Cybercriminals Are Developing and Boosting Their Attacks

‘Year of the Phish’? Socially-Engineered Attacks Populate Crypto in 2020

Investigators to Get New Dark Web Powers

AT&T Survey: 70% of Large Businesses Think Remote Working Makes Them More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Record Cybersecurity Attacks Strike ‘Particularly Vulnerable’ Hedge Funds

Hackers Stole €1.2m Worth of Cryptocurrency from 2gether

Know Your Breach: Dave.com

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cybersecurity

Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Loses 1M Email Addresses in Data Theft

Kaspersky Finds Lazarus is Now Operating its Own Ransomware

Senior Tory Says Chinese Hackers Ran Email Impersonation Campaign to Discredit Him After Criticism of Beijing

Garmin Hack’s $10M Ransom Payment, $10M Tax Deduction

Tony Blair Calls on Government to Investigate Moscow’s Alleged Interference in Brexit

Know Your Breach: Benefit Recovery Specialists Inc.

Ransomware Attack Locked a Football Club's Turnstiles

U.S. Offers $2 Million Reward In Global Search For Ukrainians Accused Of Hacking SEC Database

Are Insurtech Startups Undervalued?

Fraudsters Clone FCA Register and Website

COVID-19 Crisis Shifts Cybersecurity Priorities and Budgets

Australian Industry Panel Calls for ‘Clear Consequences’ of Cyber Attacks

U.S. Says China Backed Hackers Who Targeted COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Know Your Breach: Cashaa

Russian Group Targeted COVID-19 Vaccine Research in Canada, U.S. and U.K., Say Intelligence Agencies

Twitter Blames 'Coordinated' Attack on Its Systems for Hack of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Others

2020: The Year of Increased Attack Sophistication

Advent Acquisition Of Forescout Back On, Price Cut By $4 Per Share

Microsoft Shuts Down CEO Fraud Scheme

Hacker Breaches Security Firm in Act of Revenge

Know Your Breach: Clubillion

More Than Half of Canadians Polled Say They Have Experienced a Cyber Crime

Thoma Bravo Completes Exostar Acquisition

Dubai Launches Cyber Index to Promote Online Safety Standards

Financial Services Firms Accelerating Technology Transformation to Navigate the Pandemic, New Broadridge Study Finds

Microsoft Takes Down Domains Used in COVID-19-Related Cybercrime

Data Breach Fines Could Skyrocket This Year

UK Cybercrime 'Doubled' in Last Five Years

Know Your Breach: V Shred

NAB Subsidiary Medfin was Targeted in Cyber Attack on 14 June

Inside a Ransomware Attack: From the First Breach to the Ransom Demand

Did a Chinese Hack Kill Canada's Greatest Tech Company?

The More Cybersecurity Tools an Enterprise Deploys, the Less Effective Their Defense Is

Bitcoin Scam Exposes Thousands to Data Breach

Cybersecurity Spending Gets $1.35 Billion Boost in Wake of Online Attacks Against Australia

The University of California Pays $1 Million Ransom Following Cyber Attack

Know Your Breach: Frost & Sullivan

EasyJet Lawsuit Over Data Breach Attracts 10,000 Passengers

L&G Suspends Ties with MorganAsh Over Medical Data Incident

CryptoCore Hacker Group has Stolen More Than $200m from Cryptocurrency Exchanges

EU’s Privacy Watchdogs Urged to Use Full Force of New Powers

Cybersecurity ETFs Gain But Diverge

Good Cyber Security Starts in The Boardroom but Only Half of Business Leaders are Ready for Cyber Security Threats

One in Six Firms Pay Ransomware Ransoms to Hackers

Know Your Breach: Postbank

In a Race Against Time, Japan Builds Up its Cyber Forensics

Google Removes 106 Chrome Extensions for Collecting Sensitive User Data

Covid-19 Crisis Flags Up Operational Challenges and Cybersecurity Risks, Panelists Say

What Happens When Private Equity Firms Fall for Tech Companies

Business Email Compromise: What Can Be Learned from the Norfund Attack

Six Months After Cyberattack, LifeLabs Says it Has Appointed a CISO and Rolled Out New Security Policies

Israeli Software Firm Goes Behind Regulator's Back to Pay $250,000 in BTC Ransom

Know Your Breach: Genworth Financial

Coronavirus: Pandemic Has Increased Cyber Vulnerabilities for Businesses, Governments, as ASIO Says Australia is 'Less Safe'

Arawa Capital Launches $40m Cyber Security Fund

Thoma Bravo to Cut Up to 16 Per Cent of Sophos' Workforce

U.S. Investigating Hacker Ring Paid to Target Corporate Critics

Obscure Indian Cyber Firm Spied on Politicians, Investors Worldwide

Honda Confirms its Network Has Been Hit by Cyberattack

Advent Countersues Forescout, Asking Out of $1.9 Billion Deal

Know Your Breach: San Francisco Retirement System

Strengthening Your IT Security Against Cyber Threats

San Francisco Pension Data Breach May Have Exposed Bank Info

CPA Canada Hit by Cyberattack, Affecting Data of More Than 329,000

Four Ways You Can Keep the Hackers Away

Illegal Crypto Mining Attacks Surge in Singapore, Experts Blame COVID-19

Cybersecurity Startup Foundry Team8 Launches VC Arm, Raises $104 Million

Advent Says Revenues, Not Virus, Justify Breaking Forescout Deal

Know Your Breach: Magellan Health

Alleged COVID-19 Scams Lead to Takedowns of More Than 1,000 Websites in Canada

CXOs Are the Weakest Link in Mobile Device Security and Most Likely to Suffer Cyber Attacks

Exchanges Are Taking Steps to Reduce Risk of Cyber-attacks, Says Industry Body

Half of Employees Admit They Are Cutting Corners When Working from Home

Bank of America Reveals Data Breach in PPP Application Process

EasyJet Faces £18 Billion Class-action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

There is No Cybersecurity Silver Bullet

Know Your Breach: Covve

Forescout Commences Litigation Against Advent International

Allianz Unit Names New Global Cyber Head

Virtual Cybersecurity School Teaches Kids to Fix Security Flaws and Hunt Down Hackers

Coronavirus Cyber Attackers Going After Hospitals

EasyJet Admits Data of Nine Million Hacked

Charlesbank Invests $70 Million in Elbit Systems Subsidiary Cyberbit

Cyber Attacks Are Increasingly All About Financial Gain

Know Your Breach: Norfund

Cybersecurity ETF Sees 500% Inflow Surge as Pandemic Shoves More Work Online

Merkel Warns Russia After Cyberattack on Her Email Account

Bam Construct and Interserve Hit by Cyber Attacks

US Officially Warns China is Launching Cyberattacks to Steal Coronavirus Research

Your Home Office Is a Hacker’s Paradise. Here’s Why.

Deloitte Partners with Palo Alto Networks to Extend its Cyber Security Services

How to Protect Your Crypto from Cyber Attacks During COVID-19

Know Your Breach: SBA

150 People Lose Up to $10,000 of Super in Fraud

91% of People Know Password Reuse is Insecure, Yet 75% do it Anyway

Research: Women Are Better at Cybersecurity Than Men

State-Backed Hackers Behind Wave of Cyberattacks Targeting Coronavirus Response, US and UK Warn

SteelEye Offers Financial Firms Free Communications Surveillance Software to Monitor Remote Workers

US Financial Industry Regulator Warns of Widespread Phishing Campaign

UK’s Coronavirus Tracing App Strategy Faces Fresh Questions Over Transparency and Interoperability

Know Your Breach: Sheffield City Council

Spear-phishing Campaign Compromises Executives at 150+ Companies

Cofense Announces Additional Investment by BlackRock and Appointment of Tom McDonough to Board of Directors

Cybersecurity Staff are Being Transferred to IT Support. That's Adding to the Risk of Data Breaches

86% of Companies Report Network Disruption Amid Remote Work Shift

IA Teams Up with US Firm to Tackle Cyber Crime

Financial Sector is Seeing More Credential Stuffing than DDoS Attacks

Why Cyber-security and Governance Should Go Hand in Hand

Know Your Breach: The Florentine Banker

Cybercrime Potential Rising with Virus Upheaval

Zoom Users Top 300 Mln Despite Growing Ban List, Shares Hit Record

SBA Says Data Breach Affected Nearly 8,000 Small Businesses

Flaw in iPhone, iPads May Have Allowed Hackers to Steal Data for Years

Hackers Targeted Britain’s Virus Furlough Scheme Just Hours After it Went Live

Cybersecurity Risks Set to Soar

“All in This Together”: How Hedge Funds are Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in the Covid-19 Lockdown

Know Your Breach: Zoom

Linksys Asks Users to Reset Passwords After Hackers Hijacked Home Routers Last Month

North Korea Hacking Threatens U.S. and Global Financial System: U.S. Officials

Pru Warns Advisers of Email Scam

Stay off Zoom and Google Hangouts, Standard Chartered Chief Tells Staff

Ransomware Sets Sights on C-suite Executives – CyberCube

ACSC Called in on 427 Fed Govt Security Incidents Last Year

Cybercrime May Be the World's Third-Largest Economy by 2021

Know Your Breach: GE

Zoom: We're Freezing All New Features to Sort Out Security and Privacy

Why All Employees Are Responsible for Company Cybersecurity

Axonius Nabs $58M for its Cybersecurity-focused Network Asset Management Platform

Drawbridge Appoints Head of Europe

Why Third-Party Risk Management Has Never Been More Important

Marriott Says New Data Breach Affects 5.2 Million Guests

Ransomware Attack Hits FinTech Company Finastra

Know Your Breach: MCA Wizard

Developed APAC States Most Exposed to Cyber Risks

This Attack is the Most Common Threat You Will Face

U.S. Cybersecurity Experts See Recent Spike in Chinese Digital Espionage

10 Ways Hackers are Using Automation to Boost Their Attacks

Banks, Regulators Move to Protect Customers from Wave of Coronavirus Scams in UK, U.S.

Cybersecurity and Fraud Risks for Fund Managers in the Wake of Coronavirus

Exclusive: Elite Hackers Target WHO as Coronavirus Cyberattacks Spike

Know Your Breach: Virgin Media

Financial Companies Leak 425GB in Company, Client Data Through Open Database

Cybercrime Damage Costs May Double Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Coronavirus Cyberhygiene: Dos and Don'ts for COVID-19 Remote Work

IFAs Warned Not to Reply to 'Fake' FCA Authorisation Email

Private Equity Is a Tantalizing Target for Ransomware Hackers

Cyber-Attack Hits U.S. Health Agency Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Hellman & Friedman to Acquire Cybersecurity Leader Checkmarx at a $1.15B Valuation

Know Your Breach: Angeles Investment Advisors

Hackers are Seizing on Coronavirus Fears to Steal Data, Researchers and U.S. Regulators Warn

Cybersecurity Expert: ‘An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure’

Panel Calls for ‘Layered Cyber Deterrence’ to Protect National Security

Coronavirus: Engineer Who Attended Cybersecurity Conference Tests Positive for Bug

Look Ahead to Cybersecurity and Fintech ETFs as a Future Play

Stop Saying Employees are the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Arrangements at Asset Management Firms Need to be Improved - Central Bank

Know Your Breach: UK Rail Passengers

FBI Working to 'Burn Down' Cyber Criminals' Infrastructure

Cathay Pacific Fined £500,000 Over Customer Data Protection Failure

Regulators and Supervisors Divide Over Third-party Concentration Risk

Biden May Not Be Savvy About Big Tech, but He Understands Cybersecurity

Optima Partners Selects Drawbridge Partners Connect Platform

Hackers and Cryptocurrencies: Nearly $10B Stolen Since 2017

Hackers Hit $34B Angeles Investment Advisors

Know Your Breach: Buchbinder

UK Readies ‘National Cyber Force’ To Tackle Terrorists, Hostile Nations

Email Scammers Are Savvier, and More Successful, Than Ever

'Almost 90% of it Could Have Been Prevented': How Wealth Managers can Fend Off Hackers

Jupiter's de Blonay: the Financial Bet You Didn’t Expect to Boom

Seven Hackers Have Now Made a Million Dollars Each from Bug Bounties, Says HackerOne

FCA Admits Revealing Personal Details of 1,600 Consumers in Data Breach

Australian Banks Targeted by DDoS Extortionists

Know Your Breach: Crown Bank

Are Your Clients Safe? Cybersecurity Expert Warns Wealth Managers Over Hacking Risks

Georgia, Backed by U.S. and Britain, Blames Russia for 'Paralyzing' Cyber Attack

MGM Hack Exposes Personal Data of 10.6 Million Guests

Cybersecurity Strategies for the Adviser Industry

ForgePoint Capital Raises $450M for its Second Cybersecurity Investment Fund

Dell Sells RSA to Consortium Led by Symphony Technology Group for Over $2B

Cybersecurity and Cannabis ETFs Launched by Former LGIM Team

Know Your Breach: United Nations

Nedbank Says 1.7 Million of its Clients May Have Been Hit by a ‘Data Incident’